Tool needed

Does anyone have the tool required for removing freewheels?

// could I borrow it?

Freewheels or cassettes? Freewheel removal tools vary a fair bit - from none, to brand/model specific ones.

i’m looking for something to get freewheels off. Though, I’m untruiged by by your “none” statement.

Never mind, it’s some freehubs that can come off for free. freewheels still need a tool. My bad. I don’t have it though, but they’re usually rather inexpensive.

Pretty much every “basic” bike tool costs $5, I have slowly built up an army of tools by just buying the five dollar tool every time I need to do something.

I don’t know if I have the tool you need, depends on the freewheel. The Flat does for sure though.

how come my army of tools came at $15-20 a piece?