Torque wrenches

I’m looking for your opinions. What do you guys recommend for a reliable torque wrench with a good price? Also, is it better to get one which is fixed to a torque specification, or one that covers a range?

If all your bits (stem, bars, saddle/seatpost) are rated to the same torque those fixed torque units are incredibly convenient but obviously limited.

You really need two wrenches to fully service a bike - low range for the stuff previously mentioned and a high range one for BBs and similar.

Honestly, for the sort of tool duty involved in bike fittings the Mastercraft torque wrenches are pretty adequate and quite cheap and they go on sale frequently.

a true bike mechanic doesn’t need those sorts of accessoires

… unless if you have lots of carbon parts. Carbon definitely needs to be torqued properly.

Canadian tire will always do 75% off any tool at some point during the year, usually twice per year. Wait until it goes on sale then buy the mastercraft one. It goes as low as 4.5NM, I don’t know anything that requires a lower setting than that on a bike.

The only thing it doesnt cover that I have encountered so far is the left crankarm bolt on my SRAM crankset which needs 50NM, but at that point you just reef on the thing

And a side note, the specified Torque is usually the MAX torque, you don’t need to go that high. If you have Carbon stuff get some carbon assembly compound which helps everything stay in place at lower torques

I agree with brandon. Stem bolts on carbon bars, and seatpost clamps on carbon frames to carbon posts don’t need to be cranked all the way up to max torque. Sometimes when I’m tightening things I stop a bit short of the max torque because it feels like almost too much.

You should always use assembly compound anyway, I’ve had seatposts slip even at Max torque without it. Not pretty.

Most of my stuff with compound is at 85% Max.