TPR 0: Introduction

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Hello everyone!

TPR will be up and running once again, starting next Tuesday. The first TPR is always introductory, and is therefore not for points. Please consult the attached rulebook to learn about what TPR is if you are new to the team.

TPR Rulebook 2018-2019.pdf (494.9 KB)

We will do one introduction heat, and will try simulate what TPR is like in the two subsequent heats.

This ride is only for intermediate and advanced riders. If you are unsure of where you fall, please come to our Meet and Greet Ride.

Let’s aim to be at the F1 track at 6.30AM for a 6.40AM start. Note that TPR will be cancelled in the eventuality that the ground is wet at 6AM on the day.

Please sign up if you plan on coming:

  • Coming, and I’ve read the rules!
  • Won’t be there for this one.

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@Nickkleb you need those slick tires for your fatbike

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2 fat 2 furious

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I’ll have to assess the weather situation but i’m planning on being there