Tpr #3

See previous post for details i guess! we should have great weather tomorrow :smiley:


Hey, thanks for posting Marie!
I was stuck in Nova Scotia yesterday and I forgot to post for TPR.
I don’t want to make this a routine, but I don’t think I can make it tomorrow… Maybe you guys should devide into teams tomorrow morning depending on how many people turn up.
Have fun!

can we only do two or three teams?? 5-two person teams would be boring. but a 5 person would be AWESOME!!! we could have full team lead outs and stuff!!!

My suggested teams: Justin vs everyone else. Have fun though: i’m taking this week off from tpr.

it looks like skill levels in a 5-man team would be too varied to make it work

Whatever. What time are we leaving the gates?

Everybody problably went to bed but I say 6:20 at the gates or 6:45 at the track.

Woke up a tad late, it’s not safe for me to ride over to the track by myself (no lights) but you all have fun