Trainer workout ideas

round this time of year it can start to get tedious to be riding your bike on your trainer or rollers. So spice things up with some new workouts. Here are some ideas from our friends at Saris. I don’t necessarily support any particular workout there, but try them out if you don’t think your current ones are working.,guid,6cc334c8-5f03-432d-a2fa-dcefbc1a1bbe.aspx

Or mix it up a little

Want to work on your threshold? Or don’t know what it is?,6610,s1-4-41-12103-1,00.html

And finally, some words from Mr. Lances coach himself on endurance training with intervals:,6610,s1-4-403-20563-1,00.html

Feel free to add your own favourite workouts here.

Here are some more indoor workout ideas…,guid,c6393b24-4782-4f9e-881c-a521c9aac63d.aspx

This is a not too complicated one that I like:

5 x 10 minutes at just a bit below your threshold (sweet spot) with 10-20s sprints really giving it at 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 minutes into each interval. Soft pedal 5 minutes between sets.

Quality workout in not too much time on the trainer.