Training Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sunday

Hey, I’m looking for people to weight train with Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7 until 9 or 9:30. This is what I’ve been doing;

20 min spinning
5 sets leg press
5 sets leg extension
4 sets hamstring curls
3 sets calf raises
3 sets 1-legged squats (these are usually pathetic)
Spin until 8:25 (so the faster I go through the weights the longer I spin)
20 minutes core.
Spin until happy.

I’m also doing some circuit training after spinning with Hons on Sunday for about an hour or so.

90 second stations, 30 seconds rest.

  1. lunges
  2. squats
  3. step up (onto a box)
  4. crunches on a ball
  5. front plank
  6. side plank
  7. other side plank
    8 ) calf raises
  8. ham string (using a ball)
  9. spinning

Then 5 minutes to recover and repeat. I did this circuit last week but wasn’t able to repeat, I’m hoping that with other people there I won’t give up.

I might do some of the circuit training after spinning on sunday with you if you drop item 10 off that list :stuck_out_tongue:

the rest is just too damn early in the morning for me - I do weights in the afternoons.

I would like to join you, but I’m gonna say starting this thursday, not tomorrow (tuesday). Let’s go to yoga on wednesday, and then see what we can do in the morning.

I’m in for the late night hot room sweating yoga with 4 water bottles and two towels as well. It should make waking up and legpressing feel good right? Or does it make staying in bed feel even better. Either way it will be good times.

I’d be in for Sundays after spin. Maybe I could jump in for some of the morning weights as well once I finally buy an alarm clock that works!

i’m in desperate need of some training, so i would be willing to try it out on tuesday. i have to warn you though that i am not really familiar with most of the things you posted, but am willing to give it a try.

It huuuuuuurrts!!!

Speaking of hurting. Hons scared me with his threats of Anaerobic spinning next week so I’m thinking that after next Sunday’s class I’ll be doing some dynamic stretching, yoga ish style. And core, one can never have enough core.

I think that by next week, once the spinning classes pick up in intensity, the post-workout weights might be a bad idea for my aching body. Thanks for showing me around the varsity gym last Sunday!

do you work out in the varsity room? if so, where can i find the room code?

uuuhh, i don’t think that code belongs in the public forum.

I’ll be in the varsity weight room. There is a post at the top of the “team only section” that has the code. See you there.

so i can’t access the team only section, probably because i’m not on the roster yet. i guess i’ll figure this all out and try to come some other time.

PM Jonathan for access to the team only section.

ok, it’s all good, ben sent me the combination, sorry for all the confusion

Dude, so sorry about that, I was trying to not get in trouble. I know that they changed the code a while back because it had gotten passed around too much. oops.