Trance Music

Anyone on the team interested in (progressive) Trance stuff? Like Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten style?

If so, know of any venues in Montreal that play it?


Well I think Paul Van Dyk was in town this Friday, so you just missed out.

In general the spots are supposedly Tribe, Stereo (after hours) and Metropolis.

They also have pique nique electronique in jean drapeau parc on Sundays in the summer.

I like trance for biking sometimes but find the concerts too intense.

Well Peter, lets check one out sometime, ive been dying to find a good venue in Montreal for it.

all right…why not? 8)

and I know i just missed him, i was pissed. i only found out on Friday, like 2 hours before the show started, i would have gone for sure!

I would try out Tribe, but the issue with these places is always getting in. You must bring more women than men in your group or you ain’t getting in.
you also have to dress quite nicely and be ready to fork out some dough for cover/drinks.

Could be a good night if the dj’s are ok though…

Yeah, ive heard good things about Tribe. They’ve had some bigger name DJs there in the past.

Anyways, we should figure something out man. We could do afterhours after Benelux on Thursday :wink: Im sure we could get a few people and try to create a better girl-guy ratio heh heh.

my neighbour is high placed at Stereo and he always gives me free tickets for that place with free drink tickets, though i’ve never been. If interested i could talk to him. That said, Mike, his own sound system is probably as powerful as the one at Stereo, and he would gladly show it to you and make you one of his boytoys. Beware.

Hey Nic,

Yeah man, can you try and track down some tickets? Thanks.

Would you be interested in going after Benelux on Thursday?

That’s the thing about stereo…

well, i’m not a big fan of those places. Too sinful to my liking.

besides, if you’re looking for amphetamines, you don’t need to pretend to like trance (word on the street is you’re training 6x/week…) :roll:

haha, well 7 if you include rest days which still involve some core excercises.

I think Stereo is only Friday-Saturday anyways…

by core exercises you mean your little trips to kingston where chris says you can barely do 2 push-ups? :oops:

Yeah stereo is only after hours too. I’m too lame to handle dancing from 3-8 or so…

I’m toying with the idea of trying out tribe on Sat though if you wanna come mike

OK Mike Tom said you’re in Kingston this weekend but I was gonna invite you to Tribe ce soir avec nous. In any case if you need to get on the guestlist, I’ve got the digits