Truing a wheel

My front wheel is a bit off true and I’m unsure whether to bring it to the bike shop or learn how to do it myself. Ay advice?

I would take it to one of the numerous bike collectives around (the flat, or right to move), where you’ll have access to a truing stand and experienced advice, which really helps a lot. It is a good thing to know how to do yourself, just in case you’re ever 40km from home with a wheel that won’t stop rubbing.

Or you could just take the brakes off your bike. Who uses brakes anyways?

PM Sent.

youtube is where i learned how to do this. This works for bikes, right?

I’m with Eric. It’s a useful skill, and especially if you have higher spoke-count wheels, it’s not too hard. It does take a bit of time though, especially in the beginning, but if it’s not badly out of true, it can be as little as 5 minutes, including getting the wheel off the bike.

Is it really FREE when it costs $20?

I spent the larger part of my afternoon at La Cave (bike collective at Solin Hall) using the truing stand and the wheel is looking much better than before. Thanks for the advice everyone.

If you’re doing some serious spoke work a tension meter takes a lot of the guesswork out of the process. Park has a decent one that doesn’t have any fancy dials or digital display and its about $60.

Or just join a bike co-op such as Right to Move for $20 and use it for as many times as you want for FREE
They even have the fancy DT tensiometer, but you have to ask special for it