Truing stand

I am trying to get my bike back up and running. I was wondering if anybody had a Truing stand that I could borrow to help me get my back wheel lined up. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

On this note, does anyone have a spoke wrench I could borrow to get the slight woble out of my back wheel? Let me know! Thanks.

If you bring your wheel to the FLAT and pretend to be a hipster, you could definetly get both help and a truing stand. If you act like a roadie, the help might be rather sarcastic. I did it for my mountain bike wheel when I screwed it up over christmas. It’s located in the SSMU building basement, kinda near bert’s. Check their hours first.

So sorry to hear that you hit the pavement this weekend…

I would recommend going to Right to Move
They have all the tools you will need and friendly mechanics to show you how to do it if you don’t know how. They are open every week night from 6-9.

I got a small one if you want. I can bring it at Plyo tonight.

Brandon, Can you wash a bike there? As in, is there a hose/drain… Washing in the shower is not an option…

There is a bike shop near parc lafontaine called Le grand cycle which will wash your bike for you for $5. I don’t think you can wash your bike at RTM in the winter

Yo, Thanks for the info everybody.

Scott, have you tried one of those hand pumped garden sprayers? The one I have does about 45-90 psi which is enough to de-gunk a winter bike or an MTB with the aid of a brush without having to drag it into the shower. ~ $30