Truvativ's HammerSchmidt

Sweet new fancy stuff for the MTB… until something goes wrong.

one chainring with chainguard, two speeds, lots of clearance

Did you get one?

It’s really pretty reliable technology, especially when you consider all the things that can (and do) go wrong with a derailleur shifting system that’s exposed to all the elements. You could file it in the same folder as internal planetary gears like you had on old 3-speeds, which are now getting popular again, and which have been around and relatively problem-free for ages and ages.

oh man this looks sweet

no I don’t have one. I don’t think that this particular one is available yet, but it is really tempting… let’s start working on breaking my crank to give me a reason to change it…

planetary gear trains are extremely tough and reliable - especially when compared to the flimsy multi-cog and dérailleur systems.

They’ve been floating in and out of mainstream for decades (the 3 speed as mike said). I think the only reason they haven’t really caught back on in a big way other than for utility bikes is the comparative cost for the mainstream and the weight and up to 10% lower mech efficiency for the elite road race folk.

Just to let you know that the system is going to cost between $700-800. Lots of money for an unproven system. Give it a year or two and the cost will go down and you will know how reliable it is.