Try-outs 2012

This is possibly the BEST way to get acquainted with the team, it’s members, it’s riding levels (beg, int, adv), and it’s riding expectations.

We’ll be meeting on Saturday at the Roddick gates at 9am and be heading over to the Estacade at a very relaxed pace to do our more serious riding. Once there we’ll split into our three groups, each with a designated leader. The goal is for each group to try some smooth pace lining, holding a constant target speed.

Goal paces:
Adv - 40km/h (although the strava records are ~46km/h…)
Int - 35km/h
Beg - 30km/h

When the end of the seaway is getting near (~2km to go), feel free to open up the throttle and see what the group can do! But before that it’s best to try and stick together.

After one trip down the estacade, people can switch which groups they were in and either challenge themselves more, try an easier pace, or just go ride with different faces.

Bring water and some food! Total ride time will be ~2hours

MOST IMPORTANT: Helmets, two working brakes, and non fixed geared bikes are an absolute requirement to join the ride.

Maybe I’m not in the loop but what day is this happening?

Haha, this is saturday.

CAN’T MAKE IT. Does that mean I default to beginner?

The worst part of surviving in a fast pace-line on the Estacade is knowing you have to do it twice. Don’t hold back on that mid-way sprint :wink:

I’ll lead intermediates

if you don’t know me: I’m short

More riders! Try-outs are a blast!

i vouch tryouts are a blast, but im not in montreal. More people should Show up

Where’d you go, David?

Looks like Moses parted the intermediates

I had to dip out

^ same


Real fun. nice to meet you guys

Photos of the try-outs