Curious, how many time trials did you race in last year? Anyone?

Do you mean at ECCC or local?

There are no hardcore time trialers on the MCT. There are frequent local TT’s put on by the Beaconsfield Cycling Club. These are well organized, take place on the seaway and are around 16km. I did about 2-3 of these last year and they are fun but also fast.

I will be making TT a priority next season. There are a few bigger events, but if i remember correctly many of the more attended TT’s are in the fall. Maybe we can set up a two man or four man eventually.

Thanks, I was just wondering because I was still debating on whether or not I should sell my TT bike back home over the break or just keep it and drag it up. I guess I’ll keep it.

Hey Chris,

I’m not sure how competitive you are planning to be and in what category but having a TT bike will always help, but its really a small incremental advantage over an alternative setup, and I’m assuming you might keep your aero-wheels, helmet and you could rig up some handlebar extensions.

MIT did a little research… not specifically about aero frames but:,6610,s1-3-12-14995-1,00.html

Summary: there are a lot of little things you can do to make you a little bit faster, the bike is not a huge contributor to your drag profile but if you are really competing for the win, margins can be on the order of seconds, so how much is that extra 0.1km/h worth to you?

I’m no engineer. :lol:

40.1km/h vs 40 km/h would be a 8.98 second difference over 40k.

My basis for “0.1km/h” was completely arbitrary though, but I could imagine a TT specific frame saving you something around that much. (no basis for that claim either)

Nope, you’re not an engineer, Scott :wink:

ha ha ha! Law School for the win!

Racing the 1/2. And yes I know the advantages of a TT bike as having placed 1 or 2 in a half dozen TTs in the last 2 seasons, one of which being state ttt championship. The basis of my question wasn’t around if the bike would benefit me in TTs, as I know it would, but rather if there were even enough TTs up here in the great white north to warrant owning it. I just need to scrap some cash to buy a training rig so I’m selling the disc and tri spoke instead and I’ll just throw on my 66mm Reynolds. If there were only 2 or 3 TTs a season I would just sell the entire bike and not waste the money bringing it up here and buy one next season whenever I graduate and have a real job. The key to TTing is to ride your bike, not necessarily equipment like disc wheels.

And wow, that came off really bitchy. Sorry I didn’t intend for that!

Oh well, since we’re talking about aero advantage:

Actual aerodynamics of the frame itself are fairly negligible - There is/was a website out there that has the published Cds of a bunch of the TT frames and they all fall pretty close (ie within seconds over a TT course).

What is huge is the position the TT bike puts you in - thats where the bulk of the aero advantage is. There are actually way better positions than the current TT position but they’ve been unceremoniously banned by the UCI one after the other.

The 1hr world record competitions proved to the UCI just how dominant technical/engineer stuff is for individual efforts and that wasn’t supposed to be what cycling competition was about.


There are few TT’s in the quebec season. There’s usually one in the ealier season out near bromont, one for the quebec champs and a TTT in september. That being said there is one every weekend for the ECCC. I’m guessing you are an A rider since you do 6 hour rides in what I consider to be the winter. If so, you could get lots of opportunities to ride some TT’s with the other McGill A guys.

but I think that all Aero equipment has been completely banned for ECCC this year, and I also think that nybom is not planning on racing ECCC with us anyways (although I am not sure about that?)

Nah, this year only A racers can use TT bikes and then in 2011 they are all banned.

I might do a few of the ECCC stuff, I’m still not sure. It depends on the schedules and whatnot and if I can work something out with Concordia.