Tues (6 Jul) 8:00 AM - South Shore (Intermediate)

Hi everyone!

I’m planning to do a ride with a friend on the south shore tomorrow. The ride will begin at 8:00 AM and wrap up before/around lunchtime to beat the afternoon heat. The pace (intermediate) will depend on wind and who shows up. I’m thinking anywhere between 28-34 km/hr. Thundershowers are predicted to hit during mid afternoon so the ride will be kept short (70-80K).

I live on the south shore and my friend lives in town so we will meet at the F1 Concorde bridge restrooms.

Eric L.

I’ll join.

Sounds good. So far 3 people are coming.

i’m interested i just dont understand the location

stayed out too late and will havbe to bail. sorry guys.

chris i got my ass out there that early cause you were coming and you never showed up

False- I posted that night I wouldn’t be making it so I didn’t just ‘not show up’.

Good ride although it was pretty hot!
Lets do the next one soon Eric!

Next time we’ll just meet on jaques Cartier bridge to keep things simple!

anyone up for a ride tomorrow? around 8:15 or so on the bridge. similar to what we did the other day

ok we will be meeting at the jacques cartier bridge at 8:00 i know its eatly but some guys are worried about the heat.