"Turkey Burner!" 10am Mon. beginner ride 9am, Rod. Gates!

10 am at the gates, Monday.
I’m thinking up and down Mont Pleasant, then out to the seaway, four lengths, and then back; sound good? About a 2/ 2.5 hour-ish ride; we can always cut it shorter. We can also deviate if anyone prefers a completely different workout, this just seems like a nice mix to suggest. Let me know if you’re interested, or just show up!

Might come if my arm is feeling better.

I think I’d like to do this

9am or 10am?

I’ll try and go to the sprints then come to this.

ill be there. is at 9 or 10?

I’ll be there, assuming that it’s a ten.

TEN(10:00) am. I had a wedding today, so I am going to bed late. See you all in the morning! At TEN! lol


Thanks so much for the ride guys! Cheers!

Thanks so much for the ride guys! Cheers!