Two day epic road ride (about 400km) Mon Tues 24th 25th

Yes, believe it or not, self proclaimed Long-Slow-Distance-adverse Ben is posting a 400km ride. But no, this is not bike touring: this is a trip with a mission.

Back in 1962, my grandfather purchased a small plot of land in Northern quebec, lac nominingue to be exact. It was supposed to become some big vacation hot spot and be great investment property.

Well now, in 2010, there is “Une communauté d’environ 2 327 habitants” there, and perhaps still a piece of land with my grandfather’s name on it.

Armed with some very old documents and a whole lot of adventurous spirit, I am going to bike my way north on Monday (Victoria Day) and try to find this mysterious piece of land by inquiring at the Town Hall on tuesday. Then, it will be a race back to montreal before darkness sets in.

If I can find the land, then my grandfather has promised to give it to me.

Who’s in?
(already have one person confirmed, not on the forum. )

Or you could have a quick look in the Registre foncier du Québec, and ascertain whether it was subsequently sold or parcelled, etc, and who owns the lot today, provided you know the lot number.

Anyway, your trip sounds interesting and i would have come had i had time!

Lac Nominingue seems like a very nice place!

by the way, this is actually happening. Anyone who wants to join, even just for the ride out of town, come to 5337 st. dominique for 645am tomorrow (monday) morning

That’s cool. How did this go?

I’m curious, too. What did you discover?

wow. epic trip. Back safe and sound, with only small pieces of skin left on the pavement in st. jerome. when I’m not exhausted I’ll post more.

basically, 22 1/2 hours of biking in two days. I don’t think I’m going to be riding any more this week.

was this solo? anyone come with?

what happened with the land thing?

I went with one friend, unrelated to the MCT community, but a hardcore bike touring fellow. The short story about the land: we found it, kind of. There is a lake, in the middle of the woods, around which his land exists, but according to town clerk’s office, the land cannot be sold or developed at this point, and they have no way of knowing which piece of forest around the lake is his. She also said that the $100 listed as the “value” of the land on his tax documents, and the $1.50 he pays in taxes every year are merely “symbolic” values, used as placeholders to show that technically he owns “something”. From a legal standpoint, this argument doesn’t really make sense, so it will be something that I will start to pursue. Sounds like a fun little project.

Lac Nominingue is a beautiful little town though, great lake too. The lake where my grandfather has land (a different lake) is basically a lake in the middle of the woods. Beautiful in its own way.