U-Cup 2007 Official Race Schedule

Race #1
Saturday and Sunday, September 15/16
Mansfield Outdoor Center
Mansfield, ON

Race #2
Sunday, September 23
Hardwood Hills
Barrie, ON

Race #3
Sunday, September 30
Ganaraska Forest
Port Hope, ON

Race #4
Sunday, October 14
Boler Mountain/London Ski Club
London, ON



just a quick question, do we have the 2007 calendar for the ECCC mtb ?

Could I also have the 2007 calendar for the summer quebec circuit ?

We should meet to plan a bit where and when to go to races, also if we decide to go on camping style or cozy not-affordable style. I would like to have your take on some race like london which is roughly 7h30-8h00 ride according to google map.

see you later

doesnt look like the ECCC 2007 schedule is up from what i can see…here’s the link for the Quebec circuit - not all of them are cross-country races though, just pay attention to what type of races they are so you don’t end up in a downhil race thinking you’re supposed to be doing cross country!


and yeah, i agree that getting together at some to figure out what races we actually want to do is a very good idea so we can start planning for next season

thanks leslie

are you going to be away from montreal from the end of april to end of august, or you’re going to come back at some point ? Because i think that it would be too late to do that meeting at the beginning of september.

Do we have a list of the MTBers that will be back next year, and those who would like to come for a race or two and those who want to do all of them ? If not we would need to do a survey for that.

see you later
take care

i would definitely like to do more races this year…

i don’t know whose back and plans on racing…i would assume me, christina, nadine, you, ben, mordechai?, i don’t know if catherine or jonathan are racing, maybe keira and maybe maeve?

and no, i’m not going to be around at all this summer - i leave at the very beginning of may and wont be back till the start of september, so if we could have a meeting at some point before this year ends that would be good.

I’m in, so lets meet before the end of the final exams period

my only constrains, if we do it on an evening, is thursday i work, and sunday morning, aside from that i have finals on 17th pm, 18th pm and 23 am and pm.

how about the others ?

I’ll be around, and I’d like to try mtb races too.

So, when do we schedule that meeting ?

after the 25th would be best for me…

If we can find me a bike, ill ride a race or two as well.

So, are we going to do this meeting in the end? as some of us will head out for the far far away forest soon!

I’m thinking sometime on the 26th? I’m free all day. Anyone else?

i work from noon to 9pm, free elsewhere that day

I have an exam on the 26 2-5pm. I’d rather be free to study before, so for me it would have to be in the evening.

shortly after 9 then on the 26th?

That’s fine with me.

fine with me to, where? coffee shop? someone’s place? my place is too far from work to start it in time, since i’ll be heading right after work (metro guy, on sherbrooke)

Actually, sorry about that, I can’t make it on the 26th.