Unhappy with windjacket

Hey, Im really happy about getting my McGill apparel, the shorts are very sexy and the jersey amazing :smiley:

but the windjacket… eek. well firstly the cut aint good at all (really long sleeves) and not adapted to my body type (i should have expected that from a MENs size SMALL ) oh well.

but my main complaint is the back pocket ! its so badly sewn, its almost impossible to open the pocket!

i know this sounds pathetic, but i mean we pay a lot for this stuff, so I just wanted to put that out there.

but thanks a lot and im really happy about the rest of the stuff so no worries :smiley:


Melodie, can we meet up sometime for me to try the small. I might take it off your hands. I found the medium to be really baggy (excessively so when riding), so i might be more suited for a small. If so, I would probably buy it off you if you’re wishing to get rid of it.


anybody want my extremely too big for me medium windjacket?


Hey Mike
if be glad to sell it to you if you want it :slight_smile:

We can meet at the library some day , especially if u need it ASAP (as in, you are riding these days and ud like it soon).

im free Friday after 5pm if u want?


actually, ill be keeping my medium. The length is perfect for me, and a small i think would be too short…

theres only one way to find out … :wink:

can I try your small melo?
maybe it will not be that big on me…
qu’est ce que tu en penses?

Marieve, would your medium fit me? I sold my large to Alex…
Or, I’ll try Mel’s small, if it’s still up for grabs.

I say we all meet tomorrow , 5 30 at the McLennan main entrance? indoors, in the lobby. and clear all this up?..


Erin, length wise, a medium would fit you well.

well when you guys decide on who wants to try mine , just let me know :smiley:

And my muscles are about as big as yours, right Mike?

Ya, I could meet tomorrow at 5:30. What’s McLennan lobby? Is that the library?

depends if you dope or not, i recently started a new program,

Aie, does that mean you can do more then 3 push-ups now?

nah, he’s still at 2. the goal is 3 by christmas.

ouch :oops:

that’s a bad goal, I’m proud to be at 1, that’s less weight to drag up the hills :stuck_out_tongue:

hey erin,

if u wana meet up , id be glad to. Around 5 30pm in the MAIN library lobby.
main library being the Mclennan library
ill be by those funky shaped seats with a very kewl wind jacket.

how much were the wind jackets?56CAD ?

ill pm u my contact info, in case u need to call me or something.

allright, ill be there too. 5h30.
medium windjacket in hand.
lets see what we can do with that! :slight_smile:


oh a real good day, i can do anywhere between 2.25 and 2.5 pushups.