Unnoficial Thursday Morning KOM - 6:30AM - ALL Levels

This doesn’t officially start until later on but let us enjoy the lovely early mornings before we spend the rest of our miserable days working!

All cyclists are invited, and are encouraged to attend.

If you’re relatively new then this is a perfect chance to meet other cyclists as well as find out where the good climbs are so we can get super strong like Froome.

If you’re not new then this is a good chance to beat your fellow cyclists because nothing else matters except for winning.

Base of Houde - 6:30 AM
Intersection of Camillien Houde and Cote Sainte Catherine

I might show up. I need to do one last KOM route.

I was about to post this but instead of the shit time of 6:30 I was going to do 9:00. I can never make 6:30 since I end work at midnight.

To anybody new: Neal dopes and is still slow

Frank Schleck and I were taking the same stuff… We need to find a better dealer.

I can do a private KOM session with you at 9AM any other day :wink:

Unnoficial: double the n’s, double the painn

For successfully deciphering… You win Morning Hills.

I’ll be in Ontario for the next few days. Maybe next week.

Might be making an appearance


Thanks for the ride guys…it was super fun!

Great ride! Enough of a turnout to do it next week maybe :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

I will make a post!

Definitely a fun ride, especially with us bunch of fierce competitors.