UPHILL TT Sunday 28th October 9:00am?

i don’t know if it’s being organized, everyone seems to be overwhelmed with shcool work, but it might be a good idea to hold the Uphill TT before snow fall!
How about in two sundays?

The TT is also for Mtn Bikers.

Didn’t this use to be a compulsory in-house event?

As long as it’s in the morning I’m there!

I fly to Edmonton in the afternoon…

I’m down for helping out, stop watch and stuff.

I could also help out a bit if you need peeps. I like working with Dan anyways :slight_smile:

i hope you guys would still be riding though?

im assuming TT stands for for time trial?
eek. id love to try but um, not be timed ? :roll:

i’d probably be in for this.

This usually happens every year and we should keep up with tradition.
Moutain bikers should come to. I suggest coffee at second cup after to warm up a little. Someone remembers the time to beat set by martin?

wasn’t it 52 seconds? :stuck_out_tongue: just joking! 4:21 in 2005

Ho ho, now this, I like. I’m totally there.

the times for 2005 and last year area all posted under “results” if you guys are looking for them…

Good! We just need 2 cell phones (or talkies) and 2 stop watches, clip board and paper is easy to find. Peter are you better at holding people or writing down the time?
And also people should register if they are riding, so we can start planning the order for the TT. Register as soon as possible!

Ill be here too, so I’ll be able to help coordinate stuff.

Did someone say uphill TT? I’ll be there!

I will try to be there, next week I have 2 midterms and assignments to give in. Can anyone tell me at what time its on sunday so that I can organize myself and moreover where it will be held.

Thanks in advance

hey Goran,
im not sure if you realize but the time trial is next sunday (like not this weekend, but the last weekend in Oct.) It’s held on Camilien-Houde.

hey monika - are you going to race both mountain and road? :slight_smile:

i might be there, it depends on my schedule

calgarymike, peter, and la manne, you guys better ride too! Especially Dan, you need to defend your title from last year!

This is at 9:00, so if you are hard pressed for time, i.e. gorang, this takes only half an hour tops.

Oh my goodness gracious. It’s on.