Used bike recommendations - 54" racing bike

If any of you have or know of a 54" racing bike for sale, please let me know.

I already have a nice aluminum classic bike, so I’m looking for something significantly faster than what I already have.

Full carbon
Shimano Ultegra (or 105?)
Price: 1500$ - 3000$?
No older than 2013

Given the significant cost, I’m still not absolutely committed to buying one, but if a nice opportunity comes up, I’ll take it.
I’ve been checking Kijiji, and there are some good deals, but up to now the bikes on offer have either not been the right size, a bit too expensive, or I’ve been too slow to make the offer.
I’ve also been considering building my own bike from aliexpress over the winter, if that would be a way to get a fast bike at a reasonable price.


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Any opinions on this bike in particular, an Emonda SL6 Pro 54cm at 3 500,00$?
I could make the seller an offer at 3000$
It’s a bit plain looking though.

That looks like a sweet bike, direct mount breaks, latest ultegra and sweet carbon wheels!

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Matte silver… as someone with a similar paint job, hope you never get grease on your hands! :wink:

I own an Emonda, and I’d definitely vouch for the model. Yes, it’s relatively pricey, but you get a good set of wheels, a great frame, and a flawless groupset for the price. I agree that you can push down the price though!

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Thanks for your answers!

I’ll contact the seller over the week-end, and see if he’ll lower his asking price.
My first (and only) car was half the price, so I’m still very much on the fence about the purchase anyway.
I might just wait till spring.
It seems easier to justify spending that amount of money if you can hop on the bike to go for a ride away rather than put it away for storage for a couple of months.
I will probably take the plunge eventually, and buy a bike of this calibre, which seems appropriate based on your feedback.

It will be more difficult to get a good deal on a bike in the spring though. Now is the best time for that

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Try to go see a bike shop and get yourself a 2018 model, you can likely get some sweet deals that will be even better than those from used bikes

Thanks for all your recommendations!
After much deliberation, here is the bike!
I ended up following our president’s lead.
I got a Trek Emonda SL 6 Pro 2018 for 2800$ (without the pedals, and with the carbon wheels).

It’s basically the same as Adithya’s bike, I think, but here is a picture anyway.
The bike does have a few scuff marks, even though the seller said it was in very good condition.
I wouldn’t call 2800$ for a bike a good deal, but compared to the other bikes on sale, I think it’s a good price for a top of the line bike
Now, I just have to wait for spring to go ride it. :slight_smile:



Holy Moly, it’s an absolute beaut!