Vancouver to San Francisco

I want to reward (punish?) myself after I graduate with a nice long ride. I’ve heard rumors that Seattle to San Fran is a beautiful trip that can easily be done in under 3 weeks, so I was thinking of extending it to include Vancouver as well.

Has anyone ever done this/know someone who has? I’d like to talk to someone who knows a good route with lots of scenery and minimal traffic. I’d also bring the missus along so it would be good to know safe places to camp out.

In the same vein, if anyone knows of a ride that would trump this one in awesomeness, let me know as I am open to suggestions and dreaming about this stuff helps me cope with school.

Hey Pete,

I’ve had my eye on the Pacific coast for some time. Check out this link:

You don’t get full resolution without buying the maps, but you get an idea of the route. It takes a couple ferries through the Puget Sound area but avoids Seattle/Tacoma and looks like an amazing ride. Once you get to Oregon it’s basically 101/1 all the way to SF. I’ve done about 100 miles each way on the coast north and south of SF bay and it’s just unreal, you won’t want to stop, Monterey bay is supposed to be a highlight so go a little further if you have time.

You shouldn’t have trouble finding places to camp, it’s pretty rural with lots of parks.

Thanks Kevin, this is exactly what I was looking for.

Just another general question to the more experienced: I’ve never done an extended ride that took more than one day. Any tips for a bike odyssey? Is there a piece of equipment that is indispensable?

I used to live in Oregon so and did the coast once as a bike trip. It is really pretty and there should be plenty of places to camp or hotel should you decide to.

The one piece of equipment I found that was nice to have was actually a minivan. I organized several bike trips like that after I graduated and fonud I could recruit way more of my less cycling inclined friends (which made for a hella fun pseudo-party like atmosphere) if I told them there would be a sag wagon and they could take days/afternoons off if they wanted and drive ahead to buy beer and set up camp.

That takes a bit of the edginess of doing it touring style though :stuck_out_tongue:

Good compromise if you actually want to road bike instead of gear hauling though.