Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX vs Conti GP4000s

I’m looking to buy a new set of tyres to replace my pro3’s that are all cut up. I’ve narrowed it down to Conti GP4000s and Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX, something that’s durable for training but I can still race on. Any opinions?

GP4000 will last forever and they are definitely good enough to race on.
Open Corsa is a pure race tyre and probably won’t last as long.
I would recommend GP4000

I have a pair of Open Corsa Evo’s with maybe 200km on them that you (or anyone else reading this) can have. They are free to anyone that wants to practice changing flats.

I’m on Conti GP Attack/Force tyres with about 5000 km and haven’t had a flat yet.

go with brandon’s suggestion

I have nearly 4000 km this year on my on Vittoria Corsa Evo cx tubulars w/no flats. I’ve been using these for years. On the other hand I’ve always have alot of problems with Conti products (for some obscure reason ha, ha) which I stopped buying eons ago. If I ride clinchers Michelin Pro’s series do well for me. Well it’s only my opinion for what’s it worth.


Have Bike - Will Ride

I treat my GP4000s like shit and they always treat me with love and respect