VO2 max testing

Hey guys and gals,

I’m participating in a study by some students at UDM on VO2 max and its relationship to endurance. They basically have you pass a variety of VO2 max tests and endurance trainings. So, its 5 sessions of ~1hr which need to be over by about mid march, so 2 sessions per week basically. So it’s a free way to have your VO2 max measured, they use the mask and everything, so its the fancy test I guess. However, you need to accept to go all 5 times, otherwise it really sucks for them.

Let me know ASAP if you’re interested, and I’ll give you their contact info, or answer your questions. You’ll need to be able to understand some French since they’re French and don’t speak english, or have the forms and stuff in English.

This sounds quite interesting. Depending on when these hours actually occur, I’d be more than willing to participate. French is my mother tongue, so I’ve absolutely no problem with it.

Could you please forward my address to them?

Name: Maxime Romano
maxime dot romano at mail dot mcgill dot ca

Same here. Except the French thing. But I speak a passable franglais and I rock at charades. Thought it will depend on the time of day they need to run their exps.

michael dot honsberger at gmail dot com

im interested too.

mike dot acton at mail dot mcgill dot ca

me too.