WANTED: Shoe covers

Hey, I’m looking for shoe covers to keep my spiffy white mountain shoes sparkling. I love the mcgill shoe covers; if you feel like you are not utilizing yours as much as you thought you would, perhaps its time to liquidate them. I am open to other options as well. I’m NOT looking for winter shoe covers made out of neoprene or any shoe covers designed to keep your feet toasty warm in adverse weather.

ben it looks like you’re turning into a true roadie, i’ve never heard a mountain biker use the words “spiffy white shoes” and “sparkling” in a sentence, and wanting to keep them that way…

just gotta keep em fresh for the podium, thats all… you got some shoe covers for me or what vic?

Custom Sidi Ergo2 podium shoes. Seeing is believing bitches.

ben, i have 2 pairs somewhere and you can have em both. Ask Vic or Katherine, one of them should be able to get a hold of em, i think they’re at my farm.

p.s. next time i drop by at Kazu, i expect it to be on the house.

no problem nick, Kazu on me. And if you have a pair of podium shoes lying around, lets talk about those as well.

ben, i’ll never part with my mct shoe covers. nick, thanks for assigning me the impossible task of finding something on the farm… especially a pair of teeny tiny shoe covers!!! ben, i’ll try my best, and i also expect a free dinner when i drop by kazu. possibly with nick (if he’ll take me)

i expect a free dinner for posting that photo.

jeezum crowbar guys, I can’t just go paying for everyone’s dinner all the time! Nick: free dinner, value up to $25. Vic: Free homemade ice cream. Scott: I’ll give you a check for your skinsuit.