Wanted to Borrow for the off season: Clip on aero bars

Now, before you go smack-talking me for “doing triathlons” or something, Soloway…

I find trainers boring. I love video games. I’d like to try those clip-on aero bars and see if I can manage to hold an xbox controller while on the bike.

If you’ve got any kicking around…

I’ve got some kicking around somewhere.

Brilliant idea!

hey, if you want to do a triathlon go ahead…

The one in magog is pretty fun, the ones in verdun are pretty easy because theres no real challenge… swimming in a pool and riding on bike paths…

From what I recal the one in magog has a lot of diffrent catagories the road part is rolling hills, the swimming your doing it in a lake and I dont recal the running because I was doing it as a team (my mother, brother and me).

Pretty fun :slight_smile:


I have some Clip on bars you can use, or at least I recal I have a pair kicking around in the basement

I also have some which I have never used, if your other options don’t work out.

are you looking to get rid of them Ben?

if you are able to focus on video games while one the trainer you must not be working hard enough! :lol:

I am not looking to get rid of them. I like having them in my quiver.

I didn’t notice the xbox part othe post though now that I read it I can confirm that it is indeed possible as I have done it last winter with the trax trainer though I may have not been in an aero possition.

It’s pretty interesting, if you try maintaining the same speed and intensity and play something that requires your brain to focus and react quickly to situations like tetris or in my case tetris attack (only at later levels when the blocks fall faster) you find yourself struggling to keep an the set speed while trying to concentrate on what your doing.

either way

Enjoy :smiley:

Re: Scott

Intervals are fine and dandy, but trainer base miles sometimes make me want to saw my legs off.

Re: Eveyone who graciously offered

Which one of you wants to hook me up? I can bike over and get them this weekend or whenever during exams.

you could also always run or swim over…

p.m. sent I will put them out of the basement tonight when I get back home from work.

give me a call first around 5-6ish just to make sure that I am there and that I found them so you dont need to move around for nothing

I’ve found out that getting distracted on rollers and going flying off at least once a workout really helps break up the monotony… :roll:

after today’s trip down misery lane forget the aero bars and video games.

Haha after the ass-kicking I was handed today, what would you suggest I add to my training regime?