Watching the Tour

I can’t watch during the days but I found this youtube channel.

He posts the English Commentary in HD on youtube about a day after it happens.


Thanks Adam!

And to add to this, everyone make sure not to post spoilers during the day for the people who watch at night!

I’m not naming names, but to those of you who like to name-drop tour riders in big capital letters as your Facebook status- please stop. It shows up on our newsfeeds. Granted, something like “Peter Sagan is amazing” doesn’t give the whole story, but it does spoil the stage by foreshadowing.

If you don’t want any spoiler alerts dhruv why are you on facebook. Theres about 5 different pages that I like e.g. cycling news that all post who won. Whats the big deal?

Snape kills Dumbledor


man that nbc intro to the prologue does a great job at making a fucking terrible sport look sweet

Yeah, if you log onto facebook before watching its your own fault Dhruv

And NBC does a great job with the Tour. I thought their recap of who went where with team switches was particularily good, especially for people who don’t follow cycling all year round like the most of us. The only thing that annoys me about NBC is they are giving very minimal to no attention to Ryder! When he was on the start ramp for the prologue they went, “oh yeah, this guy won the Tour of Italy… might be tired from it.” But if I had a dime for every time Phil Ligget mentioned Tylar Farrar…

All I have to say is to all of those who dismissed Cav and Fabian for obvious reasons. Fabian is showing us why he is the greatest tie trialist ever and same with cav.

He does not need a Train to win.

I believe everyone has seen this by now.

So much potential, so much accomplished already…It’s scary because if he wins everything by 25 he’ll be really bored for the rest of his cycling career.

sagan to win both GP Montreals in 2013

Sky has either brought us to the future of the cycling or it has brought us back 10 years…
They have a US POSTAL look about themselves. OH dear

Yep. I would consider Wiggins being clean, even if his transition from track to road 4 years ago is kind of shady, but Froome and the others ?
Already the Vuelta last year, between Froome and Cobo, was pretty much a joke. Now this.

Still, it’s pretty sad that the sport has come to such a low point than whenever a team starts dominating they lose credibility in the eyes of the fans…

don’t you say a word about my one true love boassan hagen

At least Boasson Hagen had the decency to get dropped after taking his pulls on Saturday and Sunday, unlike Wiggins’ other teammates, who were magically able to drop some of the world’s best climbers.

On another note, I am really not liking Wiggins’ attitude. It reminds me too much of someone else.

It would be a lot better for him if he was a little more honest, acknowleged the problems the peloton still faces, and affirmed his innocence and determination without slamming it in the face of the journalists. It’s a legitimate question to ask and he is taking the Lance route: “I’m tested a lot” “I worked harder than everyone else” and my favorite “I just ride bikes.”

THe best rider in the peleton finished in third today. people should listen to his post race interview

From twitter after today’s stage:

So my 20 minute 200 Watts threshold wouldn’t have cut it in today’s stage?