We did it!


we have just completed our tour of gaspesie!!! although, we still have about 700km until we arrive home in montreal, so quite a ways but we’ve gone pretty far already. so far we’ve done about 1800km. we’re in Saint-Flavie, ‘‘La Porte de la Gaspesie’’, for the second time on our trip, so we’ve just completed the full loop.

anyways, we just wanted to check in with everyone, we’re hopping that you guys are still thinking and caring about us… be warned, we all have massive thighs and sculpted calves and are real cyclists now (with the tan lines to prove it), and we can’t wait to show up to KOM in september, on our touring bikes fully loaded with all our gear, and we will still kick your asses. muahahahaha!!!

see you all in a week!!!

I cannot wait to see you and your tan lines!!

i’m so glad to hear that your trip was such a success!

do you think you would have made it up those charlevoix hills with this? http://www.kevincyr.net/index.php?/project/camper-bike/