Wed,17.OCT-0700-Beg+/Int-1.5 hrs-Riding on the Mount

Hey all,

For those of you who are doing the KOM on Thursday and want to get a bit of practice on the Houde/Mount Royal or just want to kill yourselves (not really) before Wednesday classes, I’m leaving from the front gates at 7:00am and riding up the Houde side, down the other side, and back again about 5-6 times. It really isn’t as hard as you may think if you pace yourself and bring enough food/energy-shit/electrolyte-thingies and water you should be fine. I’m not exactly a mountain goat, so don’t expect anything too fast on the way up, but I’m kinda a speed demon so no holds barred on the way down (I hit 48.5 mph on the way down the other day). We (I) will be back in time for any 930 classes. Also, please make sure you have working lights, it won’t be that bright out
Below is my strava from the other day when I only did 4 times, so that’s about the pace I’ll be going tomorrow.

Hope to see you there
P.S. This might turn into a weekly thing because I have my labs Wednesday afternoons so until it gets snowy/freaking freezing (<that is a legit meteorological term) I’ll be doing this.

My ride ended up being much shorter than planned because of construction on the opposite side of the houde and the tagging along of one of my friends. But I had fun nonetheless and had a new PR down the houde

Will construction impact KOM tomorrow?

It’s going up on the opposite side. So I think not.