Wednesday 10am, to the US border

I’m heading down to Champlain tomorrow ( but I ain’t coming back ). It’s about 80km there from the city. If anyone wants to join me for that first half, you’re welcome!

Also. Anyone know the quickest way to get there? Can you ride on the 15?

Route / pace will depend on if people join.

You are not legally allowed to bike on the 15, or any other autoroute, and there is rarely a need, plenty of smaller and much safer roads around.

The best route for you can depend on where you are headed state side, 217/221 to Rouses point is probably one of the shorter ones (I haven’t done it), if you’re headed to Vermont, I’ve done the 113 towards Swanton, it can be a bit heavy on traffic at times, but not too bad.

Fun fact: A bike won’t activate the magnetic sensor at the gate of the small border crossing.

Here’s my current route:

cross Bridge

  1. Turn RIGHT onto Boulevard Tachereau from Lafayette street.
  2. Continue 9 miles, turn LEFT on Chemin de ST-JEAN
  3. continue 2 miles then turn RIGHT on ROUTE EDOUARD VII ( 217)
    4.continue 31 miles then turn LEFT on monte GUAY ( BECOMES RANG EDGERTON)
  4. Turn RIGHT on the 233, towards the US border
  5. Turn LEFT on Bridge rd.

It’s about 50 miles from my apartment ( so maybe 47-48 from the gates).

Anyone know what the 217 looks like? Do streets in that area randomly become dirt roads?

quickest and also nicest is seaway to Sainte-Catherine to Candiac to Saint-Philippe, then take 217 all the way. 217 is really nice, especially when it turns into rang St-André.

Once at the end of the 217, I would suggest turning left toward 221. I’ve had problems crossing at 15 on bike.

What kind of border problems?

i agree with ammerlaan, done that way before and it’s nice. however, he probably only likes it because it is such a Rabobank-style training ride. Fields on fields on fields.

they wanted to check the contents of the tubes, and i don’t mean the bike

Ended up just going over the bridge, taking Taschereau blvd, then St-Jean to the 217 all the way down, then like 1km from the border I took the 223 to cross.

Really simple, really easy, bout 80k from the gates and you’re at Lake Champlain on the NY - Vermont border.

Should do that ride next summer! 160k round trip