Wednesday 25th morning calèche ride. 8:30 AM statue

calèche is popular lately.
Phil and me will be meeting at 8:30 for 1-1:30h ride on calèche path.
Feel free to join us.

FYI, i went there today and it’s totally impossible. Fell down once right at the start, and then again walking back down… So ended up doing the classic CH and mt-Pleasant combo…

HA! We did the exact same thing as you Nic tonight. It’s literally a sheet of ice.

you guys should of bought those studded tires. ben got them. i will be riding on the road tomorrow maybe as far as st charles or J A see how bad shape i’m in. the roads should be dry.

Ok, thanks for the advice.
This ride is then cancelled because of hazardous conditions

mat you good to ride on the road?

Sorry Nic, got the message late, had to be back home for 11 anyway.
Watch the black ice.