Wednesday Oct 3 - 3PM to Mac Campus

80km round trip at a reasonably relaxed pace.

It is a pleasant route if you haven’t been to that side of the island already.

I will be leaving from the gates at 3 barring any severe weather and getting back before 6.

Hope to see you there!

Was planning on heading that way on my own this afternoon. Thanks for posting

I need to learn to read… I was really confused when no one showed up to the gates at 3pm today lol.

If the weather is nice I’ll come tomorrow and do the route again :smiley:

I will meet you at the Atwater bridge.

If I’m late I might just hop on as you guys pass Drummond and Sherbrooke…

How are you already planning to be late?

Never mind, class ended early. I will be at the gates.

I’ve been studying too much, I need a nap. I’m out :frowning:

Well that was a fun ride. Extra special thanks to Dennis for helping me catch back up to the group and a thanks to Will for the espresso.

hope everybody made it home

Fun ride guys, thanks to everyone who came.