Wednesday spin bikes

anyone want to meet up and socialize over some spin biking tomorrow? I’m looking for anytime 4:30pm and later. Could do the hour or so before plyo starts if anyone is interested in warming up for plyo like that. I’m going to the gym to move heavy things around anyways, so figured I’d spin a bike for a bit and get two birds stoned at once.

Lemme know!

Depends how much school work I get done mid day. I might preplyo spin. Txt me

make it happen

we can talk about ALL OF THE THINGS

Hot topic: Should Justin put a shirt on when on National TV?

idk man this new gluten free diet has him looking pretty lean

I think we should send the video to Verge. Great product Placement.

Idea: diet consisting only of dairy and gluten. Discuss.

reminds me of

GOMAD is a weight gain method that has been going around since years.

Sounds credible.

this is like the antithesis to cycling

Durianrider would get a kick outta this thread they way it’s going.

Also, I’m craving the spin bike nostalgia, be there at around 7:20pm