Wheel testing

An interesting (and not very technical) UCI testing report for carbonsports lightweight branded wheels:


Read the UCI wheel requirements, and remind me how the original mavic r-sys wheels passed certification? Remember I posted pics showing catastrophic hub/dish separation during impact a while ago.

Good ol’ UCI, thorough to the very last :roll:

jeez, how is that supposed not to injure the cyclist…

32 spoke triple crossed mavic open pro’s anyone???

i’d love to see what i’d take to taco one of those.

I think the CXP 33, or some of velocity’s offerings are stronger than the open pros but much of that comes down to lacing - and hybrid lacings almost always come out a head than a plain crows foot lacing (unless you using a lacing pattern not suited to your spoke count).

Its tough to argue with the toughness of any of the campy offerings or mavic’s ksyrium wheels either, and campy has some interesting lacing schemes.

What the fuck!? Thats a 2000$+ wheel on a hipster fixed gear :shock:

When Mike Prebil sees this he’s going to shit himself.

don’t forget thats a Ti frame with an EA-90 (i think) fork on top of all that.

So that guy is officialy my idol 8)

The girl in red seems impressed.