Where to go in Vermont

The family and I are thinking of taking a weekend trip to Vermont. Other than hearing things like “It’s pretty there!”, I am not sure of good places to visit, stay at or eat at. Since I know there are some native sons on the team, do you have any suggestions of where/what we should see? Keep in mind that this should be a relaxing vacation (relaxo to the maxo).


clearly, East Burke is the answer. all kinds of accomodations from B&B to camping, to motels, and right out in the wilds. Plenty of great road and mountain biking, very helpful bike shop, and relaxo to the maxo to boot. Also, only 2 hrs from montreal. Check it out.


the gobbler

Mr. Turtle is referring to a delicious sandwich to enjoy at Bailey’s country store, in the heart of “downtown” east burke. I also endorse this sandwich.

Thanks for clarifying. I initially assumed Mr. J. Turtle was referring to the fleshy wattle found on a turkey’s neck. Needless to say, I was nonplussed.

I guess it depends on what you want to do while here. Lake Champlain is swamped at this time but there are a ton of smaller lakes where you can rent cabins. Check out burlington if you haven’t been yet, and Montpelier is cute but pretty small (although it’s close to waterbury/the B&J’s factory, but the tour isn’t really worth it anymore…). Like Ben I’m partial to my own part of the state.