White Industries Fixed Gear

I’m moving and don’t have room for so many god damn bikes.

I’ve got a brakeless fixie that I’ve been meaning to sell. 53cm seat tube c-to-c.

‘Beautiful’ black lugged frame. Beautiful in quotations because while it is structurally perfect the paint job could use a touch-up. BUT! If you want to strip this baby down and repaint/powder coat it then this is for you.

FSA Gossamer crankarm
FSA Gossamer MegaExo bottom bracket
Formula RB-31 front hub (I think): http://www.formulahubs.com/en/formula/?method=detail&aid=9
White Industries ENO eccentric rear hub: http://www.whiteind.com/rearhubs/singlespeedhubs.html
White Industries 18T cog: http://www.whiteind.com/singlespeedgearing/fixedgearcogs.html
eNVy Grand Ring 110mm/5-bolt(42T): http://www.envygear.com/products/dhring.html
Black mid-depth (30mm) alloy rims (forgot the brand)
Brand new Axiom alloy seatpost (it’s a seatpost, do you really need any more info?)

Also comes with tires & tubes, handlebars, seat, chain, pedals. The basic necessities, really.

Craigslist price: $400
I-like-your-face price: $300

If this sounds at all appealing let me know.

NOTE: This frame actually doesn’t need the capabilities of the ENO eccentric hub. The whole point of that hub is to turn vertical dropout frames into fixed gears without having to use some lame looking external mechanism. The reason I’m saying this is that I don’t want you to call me stupid when you see the bike.