Who is training?

So it’s tough to get a good ride with the roads as they are (though I’m still trying).

I don’t know what our current training/coaching situation is but I ran into someone in the weight room who might be interested in helping us train a couple times a week. She’s a mcgill kinesiology grad so that should clear any issues with the school. Just let me know how many people are interested and what everyone’s fitness levels are.

(I don’t mean to undermine any efforts the execs are making; let me know if you’ve already found someone.)

as soon as I finish my exams on friday, I will be back in the weight room regularly. (I’ll be going for a few weeks over the holidays though).
I will be organizing some weight training sessions in the second semester, and other people are organizing spin classes at the YMCA to supplement our training before the regular spin classes that we put on start sometime at the beginning of next semester.
I’ll post next time I’m planning on going to the weight room. It will probably be this weekend or monday.