Who Would have thought?

Who the hell thinks of these things?

Oh man I read that today too. I’m thinking a perpetual hard-on would be a serious impediment in some sports. And would look really awkward in the high jump.

a nice hard-on in tight cycling shorts… on the podium.

…while being kissed by the podium girls? :wink:

does it mean i’m gay if i want to go back and check to see which triumphant, arms raise sprinters are drawing wood? :shock:

just pretend you’re checking out the podium girls :lol:

actually, there are side effects…it reduces the total amount of blood that can carry oxygen to your legs!!!

maybe not, you can be looking for unclean cyclists… which means that awards won’t have to be reattributed if someone is tested positive… what a time-efficient drug, everyone “win”

This thread has provoked more laughs from me than most on this forum.