Why pedaling in turns is bad

The last 30 seconds of this video show the final corner of Nova Scotia’s most popular crit (cat B):

Watch 292 riding the yellow and white bike to see why it’s bad to break in corners

You mean why locking your rear wheel at the apex of a corner is bad =P

Kinda pissed me off that the camera guy never moved into the drops.

What would you call it if the guy who went down was a high school teacher?

-Braking Bad.


Riding a yellow bike when you’re not wearing the yellow jersey. Tssss, classic mistake. He paid for it…

It seems like the rider’s back wheel momentarily slid on a white marker, enough at that speed to eventually lose control. My opinion for what’s that worth. Avé!


I dunno, kinda looked to me like he might have clipped his pedal on the ground, or maybe slid on the road marker. but his tire didn’t slid until he started pedaling so i don’t think he was braking.

Yeah, Ben is right: pedal strike.

I’ve done that. Also on the last corner of a crit…

I think you guys are right about the clipped pedal. Post title changed!

To err is human.

you can be human and still not take people out in a crit.