Wine & Cheese (Jan 26th, 7PM)

Do you like nice wine?
Do you like delicious cheese?
Do you like fresh baguette?
Well this is your event!

McGill Cycling will be hosting a wine and cheese event this Thursday, January 26th at around 7PM. It will also serve as a brief pre-race season meeting since the exam schedules haven’t been released.

We ask that everyone who is attending sign up on the forum and bring $5 to cover the food/wine.

The event will be at my place: 320 Sherbrooke ouest. You will have to give me a text (514-515-2160) when you’re in the lobby for me to let you in.

I hope to see many of you there.


(P.S. Maybe a post Benelux?)

I will personally beat up with a baguette every race member who doesn’t sign up for this.

Bringing the family with me.

Little Pete will be limited to 2 glasses of wine. No exception.

Why is this a sticky? What type of cheese are we getting to make it so?

Wine in a box and Kraft singles.

Josef: I put this as a sticky in order to keep it at the top of the forum board for maximum audience

So excited! Am I going to be the only girl at this event?

… I guess not!

I’ll bring some kind of vegan un-cheese. Still classy.

Might be showing up for a little bit

Possibly might be a little late. McMUN production set up calls for my assistance at 5pm. :frowning:

bump for more people! more people = more wine :slight_smile:

Do you think it will go until 8:30 at least ? I have another thing around the same time but might leave early from it.

I’ll stay at least until 9, Mat

Wish I could make it!

I guess you’re lucky I saved you 2-3 bottles of wine.

So we’re not bringing anything, just 5 bucks?

Yep. Everybody on the list (including Pete’s +1) brings $5, and Julien will use that as his budget this afternoon to buy everything.

Can’t make the scene if you don’t have the green.

Julien. Make sure to buy little pete some grape juice to go with his cheese.