Winter 08 Downtown Traning!

Starting next week (Jan. 7th), I will be training downtown at around 11 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I was kind of lonely at Mac campus… :cry:

Mike or anyone who knows a lot:

-What’s the office number for the althete registration form to have access to the main gym?

Thanks Guys!

La Manne

Dan, fill out the form, and then leave it in the MCT mail box outside the intercollegiate office (ask at front desk for directions). Ill pick it up and drop it off for you.

Nic: My Form wasn<t in the system yet, so I did my training at the varsity gym. I’ll work out again Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. All at the same time (11 am). I’ll try the main gym tomorrow again to see if it works. If you don<t find me in the main gym, try the varsity.

Mike: I left it at the front desk so, don’t know what they’ll do with it… Probably laugh at my weight :oops:

See you this week nic and anyone else who’s ready for some serious training,


how about you guys settle this type of stuff (sneaking around) via email, not via a public forum… thanks.


la manne, on se rencontre devant le gym à 11h? On dirait que mes messages disparaissent, je vais quand même attendre une réponse.


You guys remember the new code for the varsity gym?

John and i are actually gonna go at 10:30 on mondays and tuesdays from now on, right john?

so added to the two official sessions that are to resume shortly (i think thursay and sundays), that gives 4 trainings per week, enough to kick ass in two or three months!

so come on out!

and there is no new code, it’s the same as last year (check team only section)

no, it is not the same as last year… check your listservs… there’s a reason why i send those out…


actually, I was at the gym yesterday and the code thing was broken. they had it propped open with a weight

hey nick and john,

i will be there as well on mondays and tuesdays at 10 h 30 at the varsity gym. By the way, is there any spinning session this sunday?

Yessir, this sunday (but i won’t be able to make this one exceptionally) There’s one tonight too.