Winter Camping Jan 16-18

I realize that this is extremely short notice, but there are currently 4 people going winter camping in the Adirondacks this weekend and we’d love to have more people come along!

All you need is access to the US (i.e. you mustn’t be a suspected terrorist or criminal), about $40-60, and the ability to whine less than me (not very difficult). It’s a really rewarding experience, and it’ll make the 0-degree races in March seem like a hot day in Spain… sort of. Plus how often do you get to build a shelter out of snow and sleep in it?

Transportation is provided (leaving Friday afternoon), and we’ll be renting gear from the McGill Outdoors Club on Thursday. Please let me know immediately (ideally call me at 514-891-6987, or send me a pm) if you’d like to join us, and we’ll arrange gear rental and the like. We have room for 2 more people.

As Stuart O’Grady says, “Harden the F*** Up” and come along.

know what the temps will be? My sleeping bag rating isn’t the best.

Cold. Not sure on the specifics though.

The MOC has winter-specific sleeping bags for rent, which I’ll definitely be taking advantage of. They should be sufficient.

It’s supposed to be in the -20’s I believe. This is no spring camping. That being said, there is nothing nicer than being curled up in a sleeping bag in a tent/snow shelter when it’s freezing cold outside :slight_smile:

I’m in, but I’m totally holding you to that :stuck_out_tongue: