Winter training?

So, although I hate myself for thinking that riding outside is going to become a bit harder in a few weeks, i was wondering if there will be a set time for weight training or does everyone just go whenever they want to? Is there like team training at the gym every once in a while??

Regular spinning classes will be held twice a week. Stay tuned in the nect few weeks as to when that will start. As for weight training…someone else will have to address that.

someone who actually lifts weights, you mean?

I went to the gym on thursday night after the longest week due to midterms and they almost didn’t let me in…

Either a) they didn’t see that I was on the cycling team, which I told them I was or b) something about having a rec card?

I looked on the McGill Fitness Centre website and it indicates that every individual going to the gym requires a Rec Card to gain access. This costs 20$ to obtain. What’s the protocol for us to get one without paying?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

You can get in to the varsity weight room since you are on the cycling team but i don’t think you can get in to the other one. Which one did you try to go to?

You should be able to use both gyms, as a member of the cycling team. During the summer, I used the regular gym without having to pay… but I did have to speak to the people at the Rec Office first. And that took only 2 seconds.

yeah, you should be able to use all the facilities, including both gyms and the pool, without paying. you might have to go to client services and make sure they know who you are.

Well I am new to this, someone directed me here and I am not familiar with all the terms I’ve read up to now. So for the winter it will be hard for me to bike so I was wondering if spinning sessions were some kind of ‘training’ and when are the scheduled.

Yes, spinning sessions are our form of winter training - essentially, they are structured workouts on stationary bikes at the gym that are led by a team member. We’re not sure of the days/times of spin classes yet but will make a post as soon as that is sorted out.