Wow lance?

thoughts anyone?

Whatch out Doping-Cheat Armstrong, this time around you would have to do much better than EPO. Not even the third generation of this stuff is safe anymore … ask "the Cobra” Ricardo Ricco and his domestique Piepoli. They thought they were safe but surely they only were at the Giro. So, … I suggest Gen-Doping; several Chinese doctors and trainers probably could be of your assistance, but hey … your friend Johan and you probably know that already!
I am not sure, but I have heard it takes one to two years to see the first effects of genetic modification in adults … ooooh, now I understand the “break” you took. And if you need any more encouragement for the process you are going through, check this out:

I find it sad that very impressive performances (not only in cycling) have well earned the descriptions “incredible” or “unbelievable”. Not that I don’t think there are clean riders left in pro-cycling, but whenever someone does something really impressive I just doubt that he (or she, see Judith Arndt) is clean. And really, just in case Armstrong really came back, I would hope the Tour banns Astana again. There has been plenty enough indications that Armstrong has not been clean in several of his Tour victories!!

It’s official.

he looks old!! and not really in shape… and grey, and saggy skin…

eww. anyone else agree?

holy shit! I don’t believe it!

and he does look really old. I wonder how’s he gonna do against contador :?:

Armstrong is strong enough to win the Tour once again. It only depends of the team where he’ll sign up. I easily see him with Caisse D’Épargne beside Valverde and Pereiro ( he should be back from his injury in 6-7 months ). So with a good team and great climbers for help at the top of the hills, he’ll be challenging Contador. Anyway, watch out for the kid and his super team for next year ( I’m taking about Andy Schleck and the TGV (CSC team))

After Lance Armstrong, Floyd Landis is probably going to announce his comeback in the 2009 Tour de France…

well, i never really liked arsmstrong or landis. But i’m really anxious to see the return of Basso though. At least he had the guts to admit to doping. He also always smiles when he’s pumping hard. Hope he wins in the future.

Good article:

you can all ask him in person as he will be in Montreal this weekend… and, if u donate 25 grand, ull bike with him…haha

I’m for Basso too.

As for Lance…does anybody remember when Michael Jordan came back and played for the Wizards?

hey, he COACHED the wizards! and played for them…

hey guys,

here is an article a friend of mine wrote. It goes over the principal controversies over Lance’s return.
I recommend you read it (it’s in French)

the relevant quote:

Selon le docteur Jean-Pierre de Mondenard, « le fait pour Armstrong d’être suivi par un expert des analyses des substances prohibées tel que Don Catlin n’est pas un gage de transparence. Car Don Catlin est une star de la lutte antidopage, et cela permettra à l’Américain d’avoir accès aux informations les plus pertinentes sur les substances indétectables. Cette alliance est un cheval de Troie. »
En outre, il faut savoir que le Tour de Californie - appelé aussi « Amgen Tour of California », du nom de son principal sponsor, une société américaine leader mondial du secteur pharmaceutique, spécialisée dans les médicaments issus de la biotechnologie (EPO, G-CSF) - est aussi partenaire de la fondation Armstrong ! « J’ai également choisi de courir l’Amgen Tour of California à cause de son implication contre le cancer et de ses recherches à travers ses initiatives de l’Amgen Breakaway from Cancer, ainsi que pour son engagement d’être partenaire de la Lance Armstrong Foundation », déclare le sportif le plus contrôlé de toute l’histoire du sport (300 tests négatifs).

He’s not back in it for sure just yet:;_ylt=As7x1XpdE4LEvtFZnU65n1J.grcF?slug=ap-tourdefrance-armstrong&prov=ap&type=lgns

Well, it does appear that he is preparing to do something - at least in the wind tunnel:

whats up with the new tour dF director saying that about Armstrong? I find that really unprofessional from him… get over with it, no one has proved him doping, understand that every once in a while some one comes that is not normal, but superhuman sometimes…

I think we all know that Jan Ullrich is going to comeback too, and take everyone to school.

The industry-killers at Trek must be absolutely ecstatic.

lance is the man

I would like to see lance in a HPVA race in a full fairing streamliner bicycle just to see how fast he could go down in battle mountain Nevada.

I believe the record is still held by a Canadian at 81 MPH (130.36kmh?)

Any way’s no matter what people say I find it nice to see champions return. As for people and the doping stories I simply don’t care that much though I think most people are skeptical when it comes to believing what professional say or say they do to achieve there victories though like jrgiha said, some people just have to learn to accept that once in a while someone will show up and completely dominated the competition.

Look at other sports and it’s the same case (michael phelps?)

I can only wish people best of luck and to stay clean!