WTB: Cheapie/free stem

I need to reattach the handlebars to the steertube on this shitty dep’t store bike I have lying around, so I can get rid of it.

Anyone got a stem that’s worth about a bottle of beer to them?

I think so, I’ll have to check in my parts graveyard box this weekend.

i’m looking to exchange a medium quality stem, about 11 or 12 centimeters, for a 6-7-8 cm stem, of the same quality.


I’ve got the stock stems from both my road and mtb that are free to a good home.

MTB is a 1/8" steerer with 25.4mm bar clamp. I’m guessing 80mm long with 10 degree rise. Aluminum and says Rocky Mountain along the side.

Road is a 1/8" steerer with 31.8mm bar. +/- 6 degree, 100mm length. Aluminum and says either Cannondale or C2 on it.

that MTB stem might do the trick. I’ll have to check whether the handlebar is oversized or not.

Hey Nick, you had a chance to check yet? or Jason, you looked in your parts bin?

yeah, it’s not oversized, so i guess 25.4mm bar clamp. Willing to exchange?

Nick, the 25.4mm is all yours. No exchange necessary. I was looking at it this morning and I’m not sure how stems are measured. This one is 90mm from center of steerer to center of bar but I don’t know if that’s the proper way to measure it.

Anyway, it’s worth a try. I work 9-6ish so if you want to pick it up in plateau some evening just let me know, or I’ll be riding rain or shine this weekend.

John, same as above if you want the 31.8mm. You can add a shim if it’s a standard bar.


cool, thanks, i’ll call you soon.