XC SKI - sunday, 3rd Jan 2010!

trails are pretty nice on Mt-royal, even before these additional 10cm.

I’ll be going pretty regularly from now on.

How about we meet at noon? :davie:

yahooo!!! for how long? i have to work at 3!!!

meet at the statue?

I might be five minutes late. If I’m not there, in the worst case, i’ll try and catch up. I guess you;'ll be going up the caleche road, so i’ll just burn myself, and then hang on to your poles :slight_smile:

Hey nick,
hebt je schoenen voor me gevonden?!

nee, maar volgende keer zal ik wat hebben.

Yes, for everyone else, meet at statue at 5 past noon :party:

whattt?! :open_mouth:
wow vic you’re so cool!!! :slight_smile: 8)
je kunt nu goed Nederlands praten! Nicolas heeft je goed getraind! :wink:

i know! i’ve been taking secret dutch lessons!!!

jah froonter kromen du hoi

lol … what the hell is that supposed to mean.?!