Yale, April 10-11

Yale is around 3 weeks away right now and I need an idea of who is going for sure, who is a maybe, who can drive, and who has a car that they would be willing to drive so I can start scoping out motel rooms and possible homestays as well as organize the driving. Sign up if you are interested/sure and post if you can drive/have a car.

THE FIRST CUTOFF for when you will need to let me know if you are 70-100% going to yale is MARCH 30TH. official email will go out on this day.


I’m 70% going as long as I don’t have to do much planning, since I have a big exam on the 13th. I’ll make up for it in the Army race planning.

I also have a car that I will allow someone over 25 to drive for me.
Can carry 4 bikes safely, 6 bikes sketchily

I am 98% going. I would… strongly prefer not to drive.

I am 200% coming. You would prefer me not to drive.

I drove last time so would prefer not to drive. Same applies to home stay…

But as usual, i’m flexible. Coming to race for sure for sure.

Im 100% coming - prefer not to drive… but am also flexible

100% and love to drive

70% going, would much prefer to drive than to ride. And yes, John VK, you can just ride.

Barring sudden death I’m coming. I can help to drive, and possibly stay with my papa.

No earthquake will stop me this time.

I’m coming

coming, but like scott, rather not do the homestay this time.
would prefer not to drive.

Also, would rather not do homestay

I have no problem with homestays, might even prefer it.

same here

I will be coming, I do not have car and I’m under 25 but I suppose I can drive… maybe?

i’m going with some people from UdeM. We might have an extra spot in the car. And i’m still owed some $$…

Im going

I can share the driving.

depends on my cracked rib…