Excited to hear that Allison is stepping up to coordinate the travel to yale in April. I was just reading a travel article in the NYtimes which mentioned this website www.airbnb.com which as the author says is "it’s a cross between Craigslist, CouchSurfing and VRBO.com. " It’s a site where you can find full houses/apartments to rent, or just single rooms in people’s houses. After only 5 minutes of perusing, I found several possible options in the New Haven area (I’m not sure where exactly the races are to be held) but this one sounds interesting:

<a href=http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/21060?price=187.5&r[checkin]=2010-04-02&r[checkout]=2010-04-04&r[city]=Meriden&r[country]=US&r[lat]=41.5078752&r[lng]=-72.7706533&r[location]=New+Haven,+CN&r[number_of_guests]=4&r[precision]=building&r[seo_city]=meriden&r[seo_other]=ct&r[state]=CT>http://www.airbnb.com

anyways, maybe it won’t work for yale, but just an idea to keep in mind.