Yeah, critical mass is a bright idea ... not

A friend just sent me this link here:
Pretty hard stuff!

I saw that too.

Eh. Cops in some cities get real worked up about Critical Mass. But then again, the CM crowds in some cities get completely out of hand, way worse than the Montreal ones. Which aren’t always well-behaved, either.

That was “violence gratuite”, though… Absolutely no reason whatsoever to use that much force. Clear abuse.

Anyway, I’m probably already very biased from disliking cops so much, but this just proves my point.

maybe that cop had just seen this.

I don’t agree with what that cop did, however, I really don’t agree with critical mass, I think its terrible for any real cyclist.

I had a conversation with a cop during the last critical mass in Vancouver, I was out training and came across it not knowing what was going on.

I say, whats this.

First cop says "Big group ride, happens last friday of every month.

Vince: “oh, Critical Mass?”

Second Cop: “yeah, making it so we hate people like you (Cyclist) for the other 29 days of the month”

I’ve written a big rant about critical mass that can be read here…