Year end/exam relief/beginning of summer Potluck/Barbecue

So I know you all have exams or whatever but you don’t have them on Saturday.

Also, you need to eat, remember?

Also, you’ve removed yourself from necessary social contact by sequestering yourself in your bedroom/the library/coffee shops studying like a fiend

The ideal solution: Friday night (the 24th) Karen and I will host a potluck. There will be a barbecue going, so bring meat if you want it cooked. Feel free to bring friends or lovers also.

There will be a secluded backyard, where bikes can be left.

This event will be postponed if the weather decides to suck, but otherwise show up from seven onwards.

Check team only for location/my #.

what time? I’ll be driving back friday evening.

Seven on ish

You know

Potluck time

i gotta back out of this one. :frowning:

That is a real bummer.

In the spirit of epic fuck ups I didn’t get to sleep last night so I’m not sure I’ll last past 5pm today.

What’s the location again?

OUPS! Location now posted in Team Only.

Whoops, I left my pan (that I brought my nachos in) at your place. Let me know when it would be convenient for me to pick it up. You two put on a great potluck, thanks again!

Caitlin let’s wait until at least Wednesday. Exams rule my next two days.

Sounds good to me