Yoga for Cyclists

A former mcgill cycling member, Melissa Colleret, has opened a new yoga studio in lachine and, among other events, is promoting a Yoga for Cyclists series, the first of which is set to happen this friday june 8. I gather that there hasn’t been quite enough interest to insure that the class will happen; I personally would very much like to go. Is there anyone else who would be interested so that this class can happen?

please post here. I’m not sure of the cost, but I think it will be definitely worth it. Yoga is an important part of my own cycling cross training.

interested depending on cost

At what time would be the class?


I’m not sure about the cost, it’s probably around $15 but I’m not sure. Ill find out these details and post em up. If it was around $15 would you all come?

No thanks, I’m already laterally stiff yet vertically compliant.


Sooo,the workshop is from 6 pm to 8:15 pm tonight, theoretically. It’s 40$, which is a lot more than most yoga classes that I’ve been to, but for what its worth she said she would work with us on the price if that was an issue. You can find her contact information on the viveka yoga events website here:

I won’t be going tonight after all because I’ll be working until 7pm, but please let her know if you are interested, even if you can’t go tonight, because there will be more classes in july.